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Life can be pretty complicated... But Misfit Counseling is here to help.

  • DUI?

  • Struggling with Anxiety?

  • Concerned about a loved one in assisted living?

  • Not sure how to talk to your kiddo?

  • Need to Find a Testing Location? 


Look through our resources below

Infographics on a variety of Topics


Caring for Children and Grandparents

Tons of Resources on caring for our parents, grandparents, and seniors. Click Here

assited living resources_edited.jpg

Remember that "If I have been able to see farther than others, it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants". Those that came before us are the giants..

... Or as I often say- Go call your Mom)


Children Know how to Push Buttons

Meditation For Children
A wealth of information about Asbestos

Check out for info on the impact and legacy of Asbestos. Help is available for victims of Asbestos.


Steve McQueen (Quite possibly the coolest man to have ever lived) died because of exposure to Asbestos. Also, towns like Libby Montana have been turned into Superfund Sites because of Asbestos and it unregulated use in the United States. 

asbestos site.png
Here's a Great resource on how to chat with children about difficult topics such as Mesothelioma
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