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Why MAC?: Features


Misfit Addiction Counseling (MAC) is a response to the status quo of treatment providers. We came to understand that traditional treatment wasn't working for most people (high rates of recidivism, dissatisfied clients, disengagement). 

MAC decided to re-imagine how treatment providers interact with the client. We kept the evidence based practices and rewrote the book on everything else. We think we've designed something that will change lives and reshape the industry. Give us a try and see what we mean by "An Unrivaled Treatment Experience".



We focus on you. Theres no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to treatment.


Instead we take the time to hear what drives you and how we can be part of your success. Understanding of our clients is the first step in providing an unrivaled treatment experience.

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Colorado has numerous qualified and competent addiction counselors.


The problem is that Remote Therapy and Group Telehealth requires someone who can optimize the technology, engage the audience and deliver relatable content.


 MAC counselors understand this and use a variety of techniques so that you'll actually enjoy the experience. MAC believes that no one benefits from treatment that is boring, disconnected, or disingenuous.

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When your life and the future of those that depend on you is at stake.. you need clarity. 

Our technology empowers clients to independently access the their treatment information, advocate for themselves, and connect with resources. Treatment is easier when you're not worried about paperwork



Paperwork has to be submitted to Probation Departments, the DMV requires documentation of treatment, the Court requires completion of community service, Intoxalock or Smart-start has to be installed and maintained, repeat, etc. 


We decided to write some code, invest in a supercomputer, and help our clients navigate the process. In sum, we've automated all required documentation and communication. No stress or frustration. You sign-up and we start making your experience easier.

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