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Chaffee County

Salida, Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, Nathrop,
Johnson Village, Smeltertown

Colorado DUI Mandated Treatment

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Level 1 Education

Level I consists of 12 hours alcohol and drug education over a minimum of three sessions.


When is a Level I required?

Completion of a Level I alcohol and drug education program is required when a minor driver has had their license/privilege revoked for one year for their first DUI, DWAI or .02 or more BAC conviction, for a violation that was received while under the age of 21. 

Level 2 consists of 24 hours alcohol and drug education over 12 weeks.


When is a Level 2 required?

Completion of a Level 2 Education is required when an individual is also required to complete Level 2 Therapy according to the Treatment Track criteria (See above)

Level 2 Therapy is broken down according to Tracks (A-D). 


Generally individuals will be Track B if its their first offense.

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