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Questions about the schedule, prices, testing location, or even the best DUI Attorney... We'll figure it out. All inquires are answered under 24hrs. Texting is generally the quickest.  970-403-5198

  • Why should I go with Misfit Addiction Counseling and not some other treatment provider?
    You should be our client because: 1) This is our passion. Our heart and soul is in this work. We will do what needs done for our clients to be successful and progressing. 2) We are accessible and responsive to your needs. 3) We have the best counselors in the industry. 4 No BS. We pride ourselves on being upfront and open. 5) We're doing things that no other provider is doing.
  • I've been charged with a DUI.. when should I start the groups etc?
    Typically if you're planning on pleading guilty to a DUI- then it benefits you to start ASAP. 1) It helps in regard to sentencing as the court sees a person who is proactive and responsible (and not just someone that got a DUI); 2)It helps as you'll be done that much sooner. Meaning that the treatment requirements for the lowest level still amount to about a year of treatment. Sooner you start the sooner you can move forward.
  • Where are you located? Are you approved for my location?
    We serve clients all over the world. However, we are located in Southwest Colorado. We are licensed and accredited/approved to provide services by the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration, the Colorado Department of Revenue, all of Colorado's Judicial Districts, and all of Colorado's Probation Departments. We are also Legitscript approved and a SmartStart Partner. We are the preferred provider for 7 Counties in Colorado. We changing the industry one intake at a time.
  • Can I transfer to MAC services from my current provider?
    Yes and if you do we'll throw in some free groups. Just ask your old provider for a DRS. They have to provide your DRS within a 10days and cannot withhold it for any reason. Once you have that we can get you moving forward with a counselor that understands where you're at.
  • I'm trying to get my license back. Can MAC help?
    Yes we help people get a restricted license everyday with all kinds of circumstances. We understand the DMV requirements and we handle the bulk of the work for you.
  • How much is this going to cost?
    MAC Services does not charge an intake fee (Most providers charge 75$-200$). We don't charge filing fees (Typically 10$-30$). Our groups cost 30$ per week which is on average 20% less than other providers. We also offer scholarships to some individuals that meet the criteria.
  • Is teletherapy as effective as in-person counseling?
    The research shows that it is just as effective as traditional counseling. However, teletherapy allows access to many populations that struggle to receive the services that they need. We also developed and implemented a set of best practices that produces unrivalled client engagement and success.
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