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Welcome Probation

MAC Services understands that clients on Probation present a unique set of requirements and require a collaborative approach.

Success From Engagement

The most successful clients in treatment are the ones that are motivated to succeed. Our approach delivers higher success rates through:

  • The Best Counselors and Group Facilitators in the business. Client satisfaction is 98%. Attendance is no longer an issue.

  • Groups are capped at 10 clients. This produces a more manageable experience for everyone.

  • Mandatory Participation and Engagement. Clients are required to be "present" and encouraged from the first day to have ownership of the group.

  • Relevant and applicable Content. While we adhere to all state requirements- we are also focused on delivering curriculum that can be used in the lives of our clients.

With this approach we are able to have clients transition from a mindset of apathy/victimization/resentment to a fully engaged and motivated pro-social individual.

Access For Success

MAC Services believes strongly in the importance of clarity and effective communication between stakeholders. We encourage collaboration:

  • Clients have 24/7 access to documentation

    • Progress Reports​

    • Testing Reports

    • DMV Reinstatement Documentation

  • Provide Probation Departments with 24/7 access to actionable documentation such as treatment summaries, testing results, client assessments, and progress reports.

  • Recognition that all parties regardless of their role have the same common goal: Client Success

Economics of Success

We also recognize that financial components can be a substantial barrier for clients on probation. We understand this:

  • No Intake Fees for Probation referrals

  • 25$ per group

  • Sliding Scale for qualifying clients

  • Rentable Technology available for Remote Groups

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